Flounder Start to Move in May

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May Fishing Forecast

Here comes May and with it comes the heat!

flounder fishingWow, is it May already? Well, I’m glad it is, because May typically brings in warm water temperatures and hungry Redfish. This is the first time of the year we can consistently target Reds on topwater lures, it is by far the most exciting way to catch them. My go to lures are the Rapala Skitterwalk and the Mirrolure She Dog. I tend to lean towards a lure with orange or pink on the belly.

When targeting Reds on topwater, finding active bait on the surface is a must. Keep and eye out for schools of finger mullet scattering or pogies flipping and jumping. I like to target water in the 2-4ft range while using topwater lures. If you can find little coves or breaks in the marsh line with oyster points, these are the prime areas! Make sure your cadence is nice and steady while walking the lure. The Reds will key in on the lure and strike accordingly! When in dirty water this time of year, I also like to use spinner baits rigged with Down South Lures and Gold Spoons.

The Flounder start making their way back inside during May, and they get a great welcoming from me. I typically like to target areas closer to inlets this time of year. I like to catch them on their way in to the river from the ocean. Live finger mullet, pogies or mud minnows will do the trick for the flat fish.

My go to flounder rig is a live bait pinned to a 5/8 or ¾ oz jig head with wide gap hook. We are looking for water between 4-12ft in the water ways and river this time of year. When fishing for flounder make sure to slow down and take your time. Find a bank that looks good to you with some ledges and depth changes and work the bank slowly. Most of the time people will fish right over great Flounder holes because they fish too fast! Creek mouths emptying in to the water way are a great choice as well. Just make sure your bait is drifting with the current and it stays on the bottom!

The Speckled Trout bite has heated up now and they are hitting a variety of lures. May is a great month to catch Trout on whatever lure you want to use! My go to lures are the Heddon Spook Jr., the Mirrolure mr-17, and a Down South Lure rigged with 1/8oz jig head. The Trout bite will be better in the mornings and evenings as the water temperature rises, so make sure you give yourself a good window of time if you want to chase the

Specks! I like to primarily focus on current lines formed off of marsh and oyster points. Make sure to fish either side of the line and directly in the middle of the current as well. If you find one of these points in the 4-8ft of water range, you will have a great shot at finding some Trout!

If you’re interested in targeted Flounder, Speckled Trout and Red Fish this May, give me a call to book a charter!

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Captain Luke Tippett of TopWater Guide Co.



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